MasFood 101 Portuguese Style (Steamed-Fish )Paste定好葡萄牙蒸鱼即煮料

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MasFood 101 Portuguese Style (Steamed-Fish )Paste定好葡萄牙蒸鱼即煮料 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

To Steam :

1.Steam 700gm of fish for 10 minutes .

2.Pou in MasFood Potuguese Style (Steamed-Fish )Paste .

3.Let it steamed for another 5 minutes .

To Fry :

1.Stir-fry 700gm of prawn /squid /chicken together with MasFood Portuguese Style (Steamed-Fish )Paste for a few minutes .

2.Add in 100ml water and cook until boiled and served it hot .

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