Takara Hon Mirin Rice Wine 味醂

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Takara Hon Mirin Rice Wine is Japanese cooking essentials which contains 9 types of sugars and 18 types of amino acids, improves the dish's flavor, eliminates raw odors while imparting a refined sweetness and savory umami flavor. It gives an elegant sweetness, luster, umami (savoriness), and richness to the food and brings out the flavors of the ingredients. It is perfect for adding to cooking sauces and soups as it both adds a touch of sweetness and eliminates unwanted odors in your meat and fish. Bring famous Japanese flavors to your cooking with ease. 

甘甜而富有光泽。 将地道的日本风味轻松注入您的料理,就用这款宝字牌味霖米酒。这款味霖由大米、麦芽、酒精以及甜味剂制成,能够消除肉类和鱼的腥味,非常适合用来调配烹饪酱料和汤品。 味霖是众多日本流行料理的必备调味品,其中照烧料理和寿喜烧是使用味霖的料理中最出名的两种。味霖能够给照烧酱和其他日式酱料带来独特的甜味,以及标志性的勾芡感觉。

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